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Re: [Cdrecord-support] Re: [Cdrecord-developers] Re: Cdrecord bug in DAO mode (version 2.01a19)

>From: Udo Buedel <ubuedel@gmx.de>

>Rob Bogus wrote:

>[incorrect audio cd]

>> It's not clear why using a  newer version might trigger a problem, 
> > but the firmware might have a bug in one mode or another.

>The firmware in some LiteOn writer produce incorrect subchannel data for 
>audio cd. In later firmware, this bug is fixed.

>If cdrecord produce the subchannel data, then you get a correct audio 
>cd: see option -raw.

As he is using a Lite-ON drive, he _needs_ to use RAW recording.

I have no information that this bug has been fixed already.


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