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Re: DVD media incompatibility

>From: Geoffrey <esoteric@3times25.net>

>Do I need a later version of dvdrecord to use DVD-R 4x media in a LaCie
>Multi Drive DVD-R/RAM recorder?  It isn't a drive that needs a firmware
>upgrade to prevent damage such as a Pioneer drive.  Dvdrecord output the
>error message I am including below when I try to write to the media.  It
>isn't fair when the package label says compatible with 1X-4X but the
>drive won't write to it!  I wouldn't have bought it but the new DVD
>writer we just got is a 4X.  So, I thought I was buying a 50disc pack to
>feed both writers.  Be warned by my experience here that you have to
>test before assuming it'll work.  Googling the error condition from the
>output below gives just a few people asking for help with media problems
>on CD and DVD media.  Most thought the media was bad.  At $2/disc, I've
>tried two discs several times.  Each time the failure code is the same.

>  Thanks for your help,

>PS. Watch for line wrapping from the webmail interface here.  Sorry
>about that.

>[root@knife-a root]# dvdrecord -v fs=32m speed=2 dev=0,0 -dao -force
>-isosize /dev/cdrom;
>dvdrtools v0.1.3

This is an illegal program that violates GPL!

It is definitely not a true cdrecord. If you have any problem with this
illegal program, call the distributor...


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