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Re: DVDs created with too large files

> But can a file span multiple extents? The way I read the comment 
> Gary quoted, it's legal to have an image that is over 2GB in size, 
> as long as each file inside that image is no larger than 2GB.

Careful - the comment was about mkisofs, although it was in the kernel
source. It definitely says file*systems* >2GB are legal, otherwise it
says mkisofs can't handle single *files* >2GB - that doesn't
necessarily mean they're illegal. The comment may also be old and no
longer true for current versions of standards.

> But then the whole comment seems odd. It looks to me like the 
> WARNING was added later, and written by Jörg.


> That seems to me like 
> the only logical way to explain why the comment says it's legal, 
> but the code claims it's illegal to have files that are more than 
> 2GB in size.

You're mixing up file with filesystem here?

> so apparently at least someone looked at ISO Level 3 support. I'd 
> say send a message to linux-kernel and see what they say about 
> it...

Yes, together with a raft of other iso9660 issues :(

Perhaps mkisofs is now able to handle files >2GB, the lack of a
suitable error when creating the filesystem does suggest so. However,
for Linux that's a moot point as Linux doesn't handle >2GB, but mkisofs
isn't only used on Linux. Thanks Gary for the warning about that.

It should be possible to retrieve the file with isoinfo -x, which
doesn't use any filesystem code.


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