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Re: Sarge netinst: CD-RW Sony CRX175A1


On Wed, 29 Oct 2003 19:10:26 -0800, "Bob Nielsen nielsen-at-oz.net
|debian-testing|" <nrtthnjz2y0t@sneakemail.com> said:
> On Wed, Oct 29, 2003 at 07:58:18PM +0100, Dani wrote:
> > I'm netinstalling Debian Sarge from a minimal CD.  I boot the CD 
> > and it fails to autodetect the CD drive, maybe because it's a 
> > CD-RW.  It's Sony CRX175A1.  The installation show me the following 
> > list of kernel modules:
> > aztcd, cdu31a, cm206, gscd, isp16, mcd, mcdx, optcd, sbpcd, sjcd,
> > sonycd535.
> > 
> > Which may I choose?
> I suspect none of the above.  Those are really old drivers, used for
> non-ATAPI drives.  I have a Sony CRX175E2 drive, which is a
> similar-enough model number that I strongly suspect it uses the same
> driver.  This drive is ATAPI-IDE and will read if you use the ide-cd
> driver.  For writing, the ide-scsi driver is required although this
> driver will work for reading as well, which simplifies things.  See 
> the CD-Writing-HOWTO for further information.


> Try 'modprobe ide-scsi' and see if the drive is reported.  If so, add
> ide-scsi to /etc/modules.

  # modprobe ide-scsi
  modprobe: failed to load module ide-scsi

Now what?  My CD-RW is in the secondary master.

Please help.  TIA.
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