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Re: Sarge netinst: CD-RW Sony CRX175A1

On Wed 29 October 2003 19:58, Dani wrote:
> Hi.
> I'm netinstalling Debian Sarge from a minimal CD.  I boot the CD
> and it fails to autodetect the CD drive, maybe because it's a
> CD-RW.  It's Sony CRX175A1.  The installation show me the
> following list of kernel modules: aztcd, cdu31a, cm206, gscd,
> isp16, mcd, mcdx, optcd, sbpcd, sjcd, sonycd535.
> Which may I choose?  I suspect that none of the above because my
> drive is CD-RW.

These kernel modules are not for your drive, they're for old 
interfaces that a drive may be attached to. If your drive is simply 
attached to the IDE on your mainboard as is usually the case, then 
you need none of the above modules, but you do need the other CD 
related drivers, and ide-scsi and related modules if you want to 
burn CDs as well as read them.

If your CD drive is connected to an old soundcard or other 
"multimedia" card, you should find out its type and select the 
appropriate driver from the list.


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