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Re: [Cdrecord-support] Re: Cdrecord bug in DAO mode (version 2.01a19)

On Mon, 27 Oct 2003, Rob Bogus wrote:

> And if you read the question, why is the same drive able to write the 
> same media without problems for data and not for audio? Unless you 
> believe that I have a strange power to select the good media for data 
> and the bad media for audio, then something else is involved. It didn't 
> do this with older versions of cdrecord.

Could you possibly get some good CD-RW media and check if you have similar 
problem with them?
If so, you could build older versions of cdrecord and see exactly which 
version you start to have problems with (assuming the problem started with 
**some** specific version of cdrecord, you could use bisection to get 
results faster).

It *is* time consuming, but if you get back to the list with 'version 
$x.$y.a$z is good for me, and $x.$y.a$(($z+1)) gives the following error 
messages when using the following command lines (identical except for binary 
cdrecord location))
and if this is repetable on the same RW media several time (i.e. $z 
version good all the time, $(($x+1)) version aborting,

then the problem could hopefully be fixed.

Best regards,


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