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Re: Extracting file system from an iso image

>From: Rob Bogus <rob23@tmr.com>

>Ashish Rangole wrote:

>>Once I have read an ISO9660 image with or without Joliet/Rockridge
>>extns, is there a way to simply extract files, directory sturcture
>>from it (analogous to tar extraction), without actually mounting the
>>iso image? Is there a utility to do this?
>Let me ask the silly question, why are you trying to avoid mounting the 
>filesystem? The obvious way to do an extract is to just mount with a 
>loopback mount and copy. I presume that there is some reason why you 
>don't want to do this, lack of permissions perhaps, other than that I 
>don't see any reason to look for an alternative.

isoinfo could always be used to extract a single file.


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