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Re: linux kernel error reading end of cd/dvd

> > > * The SCSI specification allows for the value returned
> > > * by READ CAPACITY to be up to 75 2K sectors past the
> > > * last readable block.
> >
> > What idiot came up with that idea... ?
> It's the way CD media is. The catch is that MSF addressing information
> is smashed across the whole block [in one of those side channels] and
> transition between two streams (data to lead-out in this case) always
> has a window of uncertainty.

Disregard this comment! Yes, there is a window of uncertainty, but not
as big as 75 blocks! These 75 blocks is most likely reservation for the
fact that player unit has no way to tell apart media recorded in DAO and
TAO or something in that style. Yet this "allow for 75 blocks" thing
doesn't really have something to do with SCSI itself. It has everything
to do with media recording process[es], which just happened to be
reflected in SCSI specification in such way. So if you ought to look for
"an idiot," relevant SCSI working group would be the last place to
look:-) A.

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