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Re: growisofs(v5.12): Curren write speed <-> write Speed#0

> Problem description:
>  yesterday i burnt several DVD-R (without rebooting) using k3b
>  on the 2nd media i got Power Calibration error & i had to switch to lower
> speed(1x)
>  in order to use the media(k3b allows only speed= auto or 1x)
                                             ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ That was
basically my suggestion to k3b developers...

>   MediaID:               RITEKG04
>   Current Write Speed:   1.0x1385=1385KB/s
>   Write Speed #0:        4.0x1385=5540KB/s

Units are expected and were observed to re-adjust the current write
descriptor upon insertion of new media to maximum supported one, which
has formed the ground for the suggestion to k3b developers (auto and

> Questions:
> 1.)
>     does growisofs try to set Max write speed on every run,

If you don't specify -speed option, growisofs does not even attempt to
change it, so that the answer is no.

>     or if once the -speed is specified, growisofs continues to use
>     this speed

Not growisofs, but unit. As already mentioned unit is expected to
re-adjust both current velocity and the list of supported velocities
upon insertion of new media. At least Pioneer units do. Also note that
if Nx is the *only* reported write speed descriptor (as in "Write
Speed#0"), then any argument passed to -speed will set the velocity to
Nx. That's because growisofs chooses *only* among those descriptor
reported by the unit, it never makes up own velocities. So that -speed=1
with the media you're referring to in your letter would actually result
in 4x setting... Sounds odd... Normally unit would offer 4x, 2x and 1x
settings if you insert 4x media, 2x and 1x with 2x media and finally
only 1x with 1x media. Do you have an opportunity to try other brands in
your unit? As it is now I'd say that you simply suffer from some
particular media brand/batch being poorly supported by your firmware.

> 2.) (sorry to ask it :( )
>     what is the growisofs error code & message in such cases

See the source, it's ":-[ PERFORM OPC failed with
SK=xh/ASC=yyh/ASCQ=zzh" and exit code of 128|errno, where errno varies
with yy code.


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