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Re: dvd multi-session

actually now that i look at this closer it isnt doing exactly what i want. perhaps if i explain what i am looking for someone can tell me if it is possible and whether there is an app that can do it. perhaps my terminology is not correct so i will try to not use terms i dont completely understand.

1. i want to create a tar archive and pipe it to a 'dvd writing' command. it is not necessary that it is in isofs format. 2. i want to be able to create another tar archive and pipe it to a 'dvd writing' command to the same media that will not append the current file on the media but create a new file. essentially creating 2 'tracks'.
3. i want to be able to know where each 'track' starts and ends. toc?
4. i want to be able to read back the data using 'readcd' type utility that i can explicity tell where to start and end according to #3.

i have been able to do just this with cdrecord on cd media but have yet to figure out a way to do this on dvd. perhaps this is not possible on dvd or growisofs is not the app that can do this. is there anything available that can do just this or is it impossible? i am thinking this is possible because when i put a movie dvd into my player i can jump from chapter to chapter.

thank you in advance for any help

rich turner wrote:
i am now able to write in multiple sessions. i had to do a blank=all
using cdrecord-prodvd to do it. but it looks like both sessions need to
be an isofs.

now i am trying to write multiple tar archives to the dvd media as multi
session and it is failing.

my first command:
# tar cvf - /tmp | growisofs -Z /dev/scd0=/dev/fd/0
works great, exactly what i hoped for. i am able to get the data back
from the media using:
# readcd dev=0,0,0 f=tarpipe | tar -tvf tarpipe

my second command and its output:
# tar cvf - /opt | growisofs -M /dev/scd0=/dev/fd/0
tar: Removing leading `/' from member names
:-( /dev/scd0 doesn't look like isofs...

does this imply that there has to be an isofs on the disc to append to
it? growisofs did not seem to care that the first image i wrote was not

Andy Polyakov wrote:

dvd+rw tools to write multi-session are failing.

dvd+rw-tools fully support DVD multi-sessioning and if growisofs fails,
then you most likely have wrong expectations:-)

i have a pioneer dvr105 using media supplied with drive.
# cdrecord-prodvd dev=0,0,0 -v -multi home_stx.tar
works great!

Except that -multi option is effectively ignored and media is recorded
in DAO mode. DAO recordings are *unappendable* by definition, in other
words disk is basically finalized and *no* program on earth will be able
to append data to it. If you want to record multi-session DVD you have
to perform initial recording on either:

- *virgin* DVD-R or DVD-RW media;
- *fully blanked* DVD-RW media;
- DVD-RW media formatted for Restricted Overwrite;

with growisofs -Z and keep using growisofs -M to append more data. It's
the only way. A.

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