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Re: Problems with PX-116A and SCSI emulation (The scsi wants to send us more data than expected - discarding data)

>From: DJ Art <djart@linux.gr>

>I just installed a Plextor PX-116A DVD-ROM on my Linux system (Slackware 
>9.1 with 2.4.21 kernel) and I am experiencing problems trying to set up 
>scsi emulation for it.
>My other hardware is:
>P3 1Ghz on a P3V4X Asus mobo (VIA Apollo Pro 133A chipset)

>The Plextor PX-116A when running as ide-scsi with **DMA on** cannot 
>mount disks (cds or dvds), cannot play dvd-movies and cannot readcd a 
>When I disable the DMA, everything works ok.

>When I set it up as ide-cd, everything works ok no matter if the DMA is 
>on or off.
>The drive is currently running at UDMA2 mode (ATA33).

>I replaced my old Delta 52X CD-ROM drive with this Plextor DVD-ROM 
>drive. The old Delta CD-ROM had no problem as ide-scsi with DMA on.
>(I want to say in other words that I don't expect it to be a hardware 
>problem. Well, even though I shouldn't mention it, everything works ok 
>under the winblows environment with DMA on).

>I've pasted below the command output and kernel messages from the 
>following commands:

>cdrecord -scanbus
>mplayer -dvd 1

>cdrecord -scanbus doesn't produce any weird kernel messages. All the 
>other commands produce something like this:

>ide-scsi: The scsi wants to send us more data than expected - discarding 
>ide-scsi: [[ 28 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 ]

>One last thing: I don't know if it's helpful, but I've read in the 
>cdfreaks.com forums that internally this Plextor DVD-ROM drive is 
>actually a Pioneer 120 DVD-ROM. Though, I cannot confirm this piece of 

>Any kind of enlightment on this matter or help would be welcome :)

Send a Linux kernel bug report. Cdrecord is OK!


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