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Re: V 2.0 Features - Windows MDI?

> But it also means that MDI will really be gone. The fact is that the X
> versions
> have never really had MDI, and Window's V programs would more closely
> behave like their X versions, as well as the new multi-window "standard".
> think the impact on actual V app code would be totally invisible -
> except perhaps
> for the elimination of any need to distinguish the fake SDI simulation.
> What is the feeling on this issue? I think I'd really like to abandon
> the MDI
> stuff in favor of multiple windows, just like the X version.

I would be in favor of this. Features I would find very useful in this
context are:

* docking of a window against another
* simultaneous display of modeless dialogs and windows in a single app
* keep use of "ctrl-tab" to switch among single app's windows (one of the
truely useful things in MDI)

...Tom Hilinski

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