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Bizarre display behaviour with check boxes


I'm having problems with getting checkboxes to display as checked properly
under win95, and have found similar problems in the example V code

Under win95, I'm using V 1.25, with mingw32 (gcc version 2.95.2 19991024

Under Linux (Debian 2.2), I'm using V 1.25 (compiled with lesstif) and gcc
version 2.95.2 2000220 (Debian GNU/LInux), but don't seem to have the same

For example, take tutapp to illustrate.  Run it, open the Dialog to display
the Sample Modeless Dialog.

Check Test A - the notification comes up and the box is checked.  Press OK
to close the dialog and reopen it - Test A is unchecked.  But check Test A
again, the notification appears, but Test  A remains unchecked!  Another
check and Test A is checked.

So Test A seems not to display it's checked when it is, or requires two
checks to check it after the dialog is reopened...


My (related) problem is that when I create a check box:

{C_CheckBox, chkId, IntVar-0or1,..(blah)..},

it appears unchecked whatever the value of IntVar-0or1, unless I use

{C_CheckBox, chkId, 1,..(blah)..},  (i.e. use 1 or 0, but not an integer

If I set IntVar-0or1 to 1, (using IntVar-0or1 in the C_CheckBox declaration)
then it takes two 'checks' for the check box to display as checked (as if it
gets unchecked and the checked again, but isn't displaying properly).  If I
set it to 0, however, only one check is need for it to display as checked as

Is this a 'feature'?  Can someone check this on their windoze system?

Source code (klunky) on request if needed...


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