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Re: Problem with repeated opening of dialog in V application.

Sven Jonsson wrote:
> I just downloaded V 1.24c and compiled it. I use it with openmotif
> 2.1.30 on a debian linux system. I then created a small application with
> vAppGen. I compiled it without making any changes to the sourcecode, and
> was faced with the following problem:
> When I display the testdialog the first time, it works. When I try to
> display it again it doesn't show up. All the small modal dialogs works.
> If I restart the application, the dialog shows again the first time it
> it displayed.
> Anyone have any ideas?
Furter information:
I made an applikation with a modal and a modeless dialog. The modeless 
dialog can only be showed once. If I start a modal dialog from each of
these dialogs, the following happens: 
When starting a modal dialog from a modeless dialog, this can be done 
several times, but when the modeless dialog is closed, it can't be
opened again.
When starting a modal dialog from a modal dialog, the first modal dialog
disappears when the second modal dialog is displayed, and the first
modal dialog is thereafter never to be seen.

If I use Athena instead of Motif, everything works perfectly in this
respect, but Athena has other drawbacks (input focus, tabbing between
widgets etc.), so I would prefer Motif if possible. Anyone knows if
this is a problem with lesstif ?
Sven Jonsson
homepage: "http://home.passagen.se/styrsven/index.html";

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