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Error in V1.24a Tutor Programs


I'm currently trying to get V to work on my MSVC 5.0 compiler on 
Win95.  I've sucessfully compiled the V libraries and the test lib 
program.  As far as I can tell the test lib program works fine.

However, I've also tried to compile the Tutor program and some of 
the other examples.  When closing the tutor program in debug mode 
the compiler picks up an access violation.  This doesn't happen if 
the compiler is not in debug mode.

Stepping through the code I find that the problem occurs in 
vapp.cpp, link 954.  This is the loop that takens the items out of 
_DeleteList and deletes the resources.  It appears that when it 
enters this list there are two items in the list to be deleted.  However, 
both items point to the same curwin object/memory space.

Hence when the first item deletes it's window the second item is no 
longer pointing to a valid section of memory.  Thus on the second 
time around the loop the code tries to delete an item that is already 

Presumably this occurs because the tutor example is not using MDI 
windows where as the library example does?  Has anyone else seen 
something similar?


Bernard McAuley

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