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Debug Pop-Up Dialog

Has anyone running Vide on Windows98 with the Mingw32 compiler and gdb 4.18
had a problem with
the debug popup dialog blinking on and then immediately off ... so that it
is essentially unusable ??

I've had this problem since v1.04 and thought it was a
result of my particular and perhaps peculiar environment..
But I just started a new computer ..new drives..etc...
didn't transfer anything to the new drive and then
downloaded v1.10 and then Gcc-2.95.2-Vsvcrt..... installed same and set
path...... I have nothing else on
this system in the way of compilers or debuggers or
paths other than normal windows paths and no other environment variables...

Still get the same thing ... the PopUp blinks on and then
off and can't be used....

If anyone has a comment or thought... it would be appreciated..

Bob Powers

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