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RE: Three V questions

> > And finally, does the latest V release relax the restriction on maximum
> > length of c_lists? I'd like to populate them from database
> tables and there
> > are very many with > 128 items. Currently I'm using a cut down
> texteditor
> > canvas instead.
> I don't think there is any limit. V uses the Windows WIN32 list control
> directly,
> and any limits would come from it, and not V. Same for the motif
> version.

Thanks for clearing up two of them but as for the length of c_lists I'm
looking at this in the V reference ...

The number of rows displayed can be controlled by using the CommandObject
element size. By specifying the attribute CA_Size and providing a value for
the size element, you can specify how many rows to show. If you don't
specify a size, 8 rows will be displayed. Vwill support between 1 and 32
rows. Note the that the size element is the last one of a CommandObject, and
can left out of a declaration, which results in the compiler generating a
zero value, giving the default 8 rows.

Is CA_Size just the number displayed at any one time then? Excellent - I'll
give it a whirl!

Dan Osborne
Specialist Business Solutions Ltd.

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