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RE: theApp->Exit() causing invalid page fault

> You may have to put your call to exit outside the catch block.

This didn't help I'm afraid.

> One suggestion on this: In a GUI app, in general catching an
> error shouldn't close the GUI interface. Usually you want the
> user to handle the "end the application" task explicitly. Display
> the error message, and suggest to the user what to do next. In
> this design, you wouldn't have the Exit call here, and the
> problem would be sidestepped.

Good point. My thinking was that if the user can't open the database then
there isn't any point in going on - they won't be able to do anything.
However, putting the logon into a dialog box would give them the opportunity
to re-try logon so I'll follow this route.


 Dan Osborne
 Specialist Business Solutions Ltd.

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