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RE: Dialog problems

It certainly does work for modeless dialogs - thanks very much.

I'm now using it to centrally place a dialog as follows ...

    int dx, dy, dw, dh;     // dialog position
    GetDialogPosition (dx, dy, dw, dh);

    int wx, wy, ww, wh;     // command window position
    _myCmdWin->GetPosition (wx, wy, ww, wh);

    // Position centrally, allowing for hight and width of dialog ...
    SetDialogPosition(wx + ww/2 - dw/2, wy + wh/2 - dh/2);

I have just one question - why does this positioning go awry when my drawing
canvas is maximised and how can I know in Dialog Displayed whether the
canvas *is* maximised?

OK - that's two questions!


Dan Osborne
Specialist Business Solutions Ltd.

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