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Canvassless apps, adding new canvases (cmd windows?)


Thanks v. much to Tom Hilinski as now my graphs it's output whilst running.

Anyway, I'd now like to do these but can't get them to work:

1. Start off my app so that there's a menu and command bar but no canvases open. If I just don't add a canvas to my command window, a window still get's dipalyed inside the app. I don't want that initially.

2. (more crucially) Whne my app runs it's calculations I want two _differenmt_ windows open. Trouble is my NewAppwin method can only return one type. You see, under X, every time a new window is created, then the menu bar, command bar, etc. are all re-created as window decorations as well but I don't want the second window to have a menu bar or command bar. I've tried getting my NewAppWin to return a base vCmdWin and casting, but that doesn't work either.

Can anybody understand what I'm (badly) trying to say?  If so, can you help?



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