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V 1.22 BETA 2

I have posted the latest Beta release of the
V C++ GUI Framework  - V 1.22 Beta 2 at

It is in GZIP, TAR format. This release seems
very stable, but still needs a few things before
the "final" V 1.22 release.

It is much better than the 1.21 release, but
may still have some rough edges in the file 
structure. This version seems to run "out
of the box" with the Cygnus B20.1 system,
at least for the Win32 version. I don't have
the software/time needed to test the Cygwin X

I'd recommend this version over 1.21, but am
not quite ready to make it the official release.


For Both MS-Windows and X Versions:

* Many bugs in the vtexted class fixed.
* Improved V IDE - V 0.6.
* Changed directory structure:
    eliminated version subdirectories
    (/v/lib instead of /v/lib/linux, /v/lib/mingw32, etc.)
* Greatly improved documentation for V
  command objects - all info centralized

For X Version:

* Motif/LessTif is now the main X platform supported,
  and this version actually works as promised now.
  This requires that you have at least Motif 1.2, or
  install LessTif on your machine. LessTif is now
  very stable, and is free, so it meets the long-held
  requirement that the main V package be able to use
  completely free libraries.
* Athena still supported, but new V features will
  probably not be supported.
* gtk port is still underway, but stalled for the moment.

* popup menus for X
* DDD and native V interface gdb support on X
* other X stuff for VIDE
* autoconf for X version?


I really need some help and feedback on this beta


* MS VC++ Version 6 - Apparently Microsoft has really
  changed just what C++ V6 will accept. I don't have
  VC++ 6. I would really appreciate it if someone
  with VC++ 6 could build the project files needed
  to build V, and also figure out just what needs
  to be fixed in the source code to get it compiled
  correctly. [I don't understand just why Microsoft
  had to break V6 so that it won't compile perfectly
  good C++ code. V has no problems with Watcom, Borland,
  GNU, and other compilers.]


* Testing on real Motif systems - I only have LessTif,
  and haven't really tested everything on Motif.
* There is a small visual problem with Motif/LessTif
  Modal Dialogs - I can't get it to properly display
  a visual border on the dialog. If you know Motif/Xt,
  I'd appreciate help on this. Send me e-mail for a
  more detailed explanation.


Bruce E. Wampler, Ph.D.

Author of the V C++ GUI Framework

e-mail: mailto:bruce@objectcentral.com
web:    http://www.objectcentral.com

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