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Re: 1.21 lib compile errs MS VC++ 6.0

At 08:39 AM 6/9/99 -0600, Tom Hilinski wrote:

>These messages are typecast problems generated when using the
#define STRICT. This generates type-safety msgs from the MS Windows
>The best way to handle this is to modify the library source to use
static_cast in each of these instances. E.g.
>HBRUSH brush = static_cast<HBRUSH>(blah blah);
>If you want to ignore the strict type checking, try using 
>#undef STRICT
>(at least that works for the Borland compiler.)


Thanks for the quick response!

I ended up using old-style cases because they were used in the
surrounding code.  The library then compiled without error.

I also compiled the the tutorial, again without error.  It ran okay
mostly, but for unknown reasons the buttons on the modal dialog were
inactive, so I had to kill the task to exit the program.  Is this a
known problem?

--Beman Dawes <beman@esva.net>

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