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Re: Access Canvas from Modeless Dialog?

Matthias Klingel wrote:

> "MyDialog (vBaseWindow* BaseWindow, char* Title, MyCmdWindow* _pParent);"
> Inside the constructor there must be a line like
> "pParent = _pParent;"
> where pParent is the new pointer mentioned above. Surely, in the constructor of
> MyCmdWindow, you now write like
> "SomeDialog = new MyDialog (this, "a title", this);"
> And if you want to send a message from your dialog to the command window, you do it
> like
> "pParent->DrawText (.....);"

This almost works for me, however, I get an error during make that says:

! ETdlg.h:14: default argument missing for parameter 3 of
`ETDialog::ETDialog(class vBaseWindow *, char * = "Erase Tapes", class
ETTextCanvasPane *)'

Note that my ETdlg.h contains:
        ETDialog(vBaseWindow* bw, char* title = "Erase Tapes", ETTextCanvasPane*

Should I go into v/includex/vdialog.h and modify:

    class vDialog : public vBaseWindow, public vCmdParent

    class vDialog : public vBaseWindow, public vCmdParent, public

Where is this default parameter specified?

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