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Latest egcs compiler

Maybe this question was already put but I've not found it.

Do you know that latest CVSed version of egcs runs into errors while
compiling V 1.21? I've found that faults that invoked only warnings in
this version of compiler invokes errors eg converting const into

[ildar@natalie srcx]$ make
g++ -c -I/usr/local/v/includex -I/usr/X11R6/include  -O -o
/usr/local/v/obj/linux/vapp.o vapp.cxx
In file included from vapp.cxx:39:
/usr/local/v/includex/v/vapp.h:172: ANSI C++ forbids initialization of
member `ClipAllocUnit'
/usr/local/v/includex/v/vapp.h:172: making `ClipAllocUnit' static
vapp.cxx:197: initialization to `void *' from `const char *' discards
[/usr/local/v/obj/linux/vapp.o] Error 1

Any ideas?

P.S. gtkV doesn't have similar problems

Ildar Mulyukov, student of DACR, MIPT (Moscow, Russia)
e-mail: ildar@faki-campus.mipt.ru, ICQ# 4334029

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