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Re: Hello and procmail request

Joe Klemmer wrote:
>         Hi all, I have been wanting to learn X/GUI programming for a while
> and,after looking over lots of options, it seems that V would be the best
> one to use.  So, if anyone has any tips or hints for an idiot programmer
> please feel free to share them.  :-)

Well, Tip 1 (the one I keep screwing up):
Many frameworks (V included) don't send the `draw' message when
the window shrinks.

Tip 2:
X user can resize the windows as (s)he wants.  Corollary: the
layout never works right, and you end up implementing something
like TeX boxes/glue anyway.

Tip 3:
V headers are more useful than V documentation (once you've used V
for two days).  FAQ is the most useful document.

Tip 4:
GUI programming in generic frameworks takes a lot of time.  Think
about the specifics of your applications and roll your own library
atop the framework.

Drive^H^Hnk safely!

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