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Re: VGUI: Spreadsheet Class

On Wed, 07 Apr 1999 10:10:33 +0200, Gerhard Henssen
<Henssen@unidui.uni-duisburg.de> wrote:

>has anybody written a "spreadsheet class" for VGUI? I need this kind of
>class with automatic update of claculations after pressing the "Enter"
>and/or "Tab" key in the fields of the sheet.

I have written a class that provides displayability like a spreadsheet. I
currently sent this to Mr. Wampler for examination and another guy got a copy
because he wanted to check it out. It is currently for MS-VC5.0 only but I
could send you the source along with a demonstration. Kepp in mind that it is
currently not approved and there might be changes from Mr. Wampler before
putting it in the official release.
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