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Re: V Popup Menus for MS-Windows

I've had some trouble with this.

1) vpopmenu.htm is not in the archive

2) #include "vpopmenu.h" causes file-not-found error until replaced
with #include <v/vpopmenu.h> 

3)   int vPopupMenu::GetValue(ItemVal id) VCONST 
is not defined member, needed to replace with 
  int vPopupMenu::GetValue(ItemVal id, int& val) VCONST

With those mods it worked for me.

Jon Hacker

> I've just uploaded a new C++ class for the V GUI library
> to support popup menus. These are good for handling right
> mouse clicks to popup a menu. This version is for MS-Windows only.
> I'm working on the X version.
> The new class is entirely independent of the library. The distribution
> has full documentation.
> It is at: ftp://objectcentral.com/beta/vpopmenu.zip
> -- 

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