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open GL broken in V 1.21 (?)

I just fired up V 1.21 and the openGL support seems to be
a little broken... The problems are with the Makefile in the srcx

1. The Makefile in srcx doesn't compile vbglcnv.cpp

(fix: line 162, add $(LibGLObjs) to the dependencies )  

2. The wrong soname is used to build the libVgl shared 
   library ( -soname,libV.so.1.21 ) !

This confuses the crap out of ldconfig. :)  Needless to say
you can't link to it.  

( fix: line 164, change $(LIBNAME).so.$(VV) to $(LIBNAME)gl.so.$(VV) )

There were also some minor things to let egcs 1.1 compile my application
( Although strangly not the V library itself ???) 

vcolor.h .... needed an #include<v/v_defs.h> added

vapp.h ...  changed line 172 "const int ClipAllocUnit = 1024" to
"static const ClipAllocUnit = 1024" . 



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