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Re: String conflicts with VGui

Gerhard Gruber wrote:
> I just stumbeled upon a heavy problem. It seems that vgui includes
> X11/Intrinsics.h where a "typedef char *String;" is performed. This conflicts
> with the String class that is included in the STL because the name is already
> used. Is there a workaround here or does anyone know about this problem?

There is no String class in the STL. There is a 'string' class in
the standard library. 

The gnu libg++ has a String class, but libg++ is no longer developed
in favor of the standard library which you should use instead for 
new development.

If you are just adapting an old program with a new interface, then
see the faq for libg++. I think it addresses this.  

(It would be nice IMO if V used the std 'const string&' in its public
interfaces instead of const char*)



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