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Compiling X-version of V1.21 on the latest CygWin (B20.1)

        Hi, everybody.

This is in some sense the continuation of my previous mail "V1.21 does not
compile on the latest CygWin (B20.1)".  As I have said there, Windows
version of V1.21 dosn't compile under CygWin.  For the X version the sings
are much better (in fact it compiles pretty well), but there is still some
problems (mainly with documentation) which I want to report.

I. First remark is that taget directoories does not exist in the tgz file (I
have already said it in the previous mail).

II. The doc says (BTW, when talking about doc, I mean "vref121.html.tgz"):
> Making the X version: Edit the /v/Config.mk file as follows:
>        - set HOMEV to the home directory of your V distribution 
>        - set ARCH = cygwin32 
>        - set X11RV = X11R6.4 (if using our recommended X11 libraries) 
>        - remove line 50 from /v/srx/Makefile for the vbglcnv.o object, since
> our X11 libraries don't support GL.
First of all, the config file "/v/Config.mk" doesn't work at all for CygWin,
setting ARCH to cygwin32 (BTW, why!!??), or rather to gnuwin32x (this should
be the right one) doesn't help, which is not a surprise, since none of this
architectures is treated in the "/v/Config.mk" file.  In fact, one need to
use the file "/v/Configs/CfgCygX.mk", and everything goes well.  The only
thing to change in this file is to "set HOMEV to the home directory of your
V distribution", and maybe also adjust X11RV (by default it is X11R6.4,
which is Ok, at least for me).  One need not (and even MUST not) change
ARCH, which is already set to the "true" value, that is to "gnuwin32x".  As
to "removing line 50 from /v/srx/Makefile for the vbglcnv.o": firstly the
vbglcnv.o is not on the line 50 of that file, and secondly, it is not
necessary, some errors about libVgl will be displayed during the
compilation, but they can safely be ignored (the make even says it, BTW).

So I think the doc needs to be greatly updated here.

III. With the config as I have told above, everything compiles pretty well
(just by running "make" in "/v"), but all throughout the compilation you get
about a hundred of times (each time when "vapp.h" is included) the same
warning about "ClipAllocUnit".  For example:
> g++ -c -I/tmp/v/includex -I/usr/X11R6.4/include  -O -o
> /tmp/v/obj/gnuwin32x/vapp.o vapp.cxx
> In file included from vapp.cxx:39:
> \\tmp\\v\\includex\\v/vapp.h:172: warning: ANSI C++ forbids initialization
> of const member `ClipAllocUnit'
> \\tmp\\v\\includex\\v/vapp.h:172: warning: making `ClipAllocUnit' static
So, why not to make it static in the "vapp.h", to avoid all this ennoying

IV. Another warning which you get several times is the one about
"_WinMainCRTStartup".  I have already told about it in previous mail.  So
here too, why not to avoid it by adding "-e _mainCRTStartup" in

V. Finally, all executables are very big (greater than 1Mb), so the same
considerations about stripping as in previous mail.

Best regards,
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