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Reasons to join SPI...

 ... or why I havn't applied for a membership. (yet?)

After Nils Lohner has written something about SPI membership on
debain-private I have looked at the SPI website to decide wether it
was interesting for me.

I don't think it's good for an organization if 75% af it's members
just applied for membership and then forgets all about SPI until the
membership should be renewed.

So I don't want to be a member of an organisation just because it's
free and I'm allowed to be a member. There should be a reason for me
to be a member. So what I need is 5 reasons to apply for membership of
SPI. Reasons that isn't fufilled by being Debian Developer and active
in the local LUG and on a national level (Denmark).

I agree that the purpose of SPI mentioned in the bylaws is important
but how do I work more efficient for these goals as a member of SPI?

Når folk spørger mig, om jeg er nørd, bliver jeg altid ilde til mode
og svarer lidt undskyldende: "Nej, jeg bruger RedHat".
                                -- Allan Olesen på dk.edb.system.unix

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