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Re: More work done on the NM pages

On Tue, 24 Jul 2001 15:59:17 +1000, Craig Small wrote:
>Hello everyone,
>  OK, I think I got the pages now in a more or less workable state.
>There is now the contrib part so that members can become contributing
>members once they are approved by the application mamangers.

Great!  I'll test with a new applicant from zero and send comments.

>The complexity is due to the fact you can be a member but then have to
>re-apply. In Debian you apply once.
>If someone wants to have a go at writing the sanity checking in perl for
>a weekly report then you're welcome to it.  I'll get aronud to that
>Finally, someone has to write some documentation about the process, like
>what is a contribution?

I'll take a stab at some of it, but we can define that as we go along.
Any active member of an SPI affiliated project for starters, and any
active member of any large free software development project.  Other

Thank you for your interest in applying for membership to Software in
the Public Institute, Inc.  To apply for membership, please 
enter the information requested below.  Please do not
choose a sensitive password since it will be stored in plain text and
transmitted by e-mail.

New Member Application

SPI membership application submitted successfully on 2001-07-25. Your
application ID is 90.
You should receive a confirmation email at the
email address that you specified in the application.  Please reply to
this mail to confirm your application for membership.  Once this mail
is received by SPI, your application for non-contributing SPI membership is
...add return to application page and SPI homepage links.

- is there a 'DELETE APPLICANT' button somewhere?
- nils lohner2 has only a non-contrib membership, but has an expiration
  date of 2002-07-25... non-contribs should have 'never' as expiration.
- on the nmstatus page, there are checkboxes for application manager and
  contrib member.  I can select them and hit 'update' but it doesn't
  change anything.
- is it possible tp have an NC application date and a contrib
  application date, and then also the email check confirm date and the
  contrib acceptance date?  Also, why is this page titled 'last
  application details' ?  Wouldn't 'application details' make more
- again, in the membership status page the expiration date should be
  never for all non-contribs.

- woah.  When I apply for contrib membership I just get the 'application
  submitted' page; I don't get asked for the information which I need to
  supply.  Going back to the details page shows contributions as 'f' and
  lets me choose my application manager (listbox) but there's no update
  button.  So: there's no place to fill in the needed info.

That's all for now.  Anyone else have comments etc?


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