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Re: Are debian developers members of SPI ?

Martin Schulze wrote:
> There is no implied membershipt, however if Debian Developers apply
> they will become active members "automatically" due to their work
> on Debian.  You should be able to find something on www.spi-inc.org.
> Regards,
>         Joey

>From "article three - membership" of the spi-bylaws

"Contributing and non-contributing memberships are available within this
organization. Members agree to support the principles and help further
the goals of this organization. All membership applications and renewals
will be reviewed by the Membership Committee. Applicants must meet the
criteria set forth in the charter of the Membership Committee."

So i gather debian developers can become active SPI members
"automatically" by applying to the SPI membership committee, i cant see
on the website how they contact the membership committee.

When you say "they will become active members automatically" do you mean
they will be considered a  contributing member rather than
non-contributing member as they have demonstrated their activity through
debian, or do you mean membership is automatically granted
(pre-approved) to debian members if they want it ?


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