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Re: broken e-mail addresses!

In message <20001102001400.A17473@cibalia.gkvk.hr>, Josip Rodin writes:
>% vrfy president@spi-inc.org
><president@spi-inc.org> is not deliverable
>president@spi-inc.org ... User unknown
>I'm guessing other addresses (vicepresident, secretary, etc) aren't going to
>work... this is a simple change, please do it.
>BTW Joey (Martin Schulze) should be given an account and sudo access on
>purcel, considering he's the vice-president and a Debian admin, and it is
>apparent that root powers are needed for many things on purcel now, since
>it's not in the best shape right now. :|

I'll get in touch with him.  BTW, no need to copy spi-private on mails... 
since there's no membership there's noone except the board subscribed to 
-private iirc.


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