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berlin hosting .. ?

I hate to be a persistent thorn-in-the-side type, but I've received zero
response to the mail I sent about changes to the berlin hosting platform. 
I really feel a tremendous debt of gratitude to SPI (personally) since our
site would probably have disappeared without your support; but at the same
time I'm hearing rather constant complaints that the website and CVS
archive cannot work the way I requested (separate logins, CGIs, etc). and
it seems to me like we can get such services on another host. 

could someone take a moment out of their schedules and put whatever "stamp
of approval" on the matter needs to be put, such that we can begin moving
our stuff over to a machine (culus mentionned there are several) where we
will not bother anyone and can install some of the services we are

-graydon (berlin project)

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