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berlin hosting matters

hey there. I'm coordinating the berlin development effort, and we're
undergoing some growing pains with the current servers we're on: 
(va|master).debian.org. I mailed culus about it, and he said there are a
number of somewhat "idle" port hosts in debian's menagerie, and suggested
I forward a list of what we're looking for to y'all and perhaps we can
find an appropriate host where we won't be disturbing anyone. so in a
nutshell, we'd like: 

* separate accounts for all of our developers, so that they can do
checkins under their own names. now they're all sharing my account on va.

* sshd, cvs, http and ftp (obviously)

* a separate account for a webmaster, since I don't always have time to
keep the website up to date. 

* cgi's, so we can run cvsweb and/or tinderbox, and possibly generate
portions of the website from cvs checkin logs or statistics.

* g++, omni, db2++, mesa, ggimesa, all the cruft we require to build
berlin and run regression tests. 

* a mysql or postgresql server so we can colocate out BTS. right now,
we're running a bugzilla on jordy's machine, which is ok, but it'd be nice
if we could have it somewhat more closely related to the main website.

* fresco, our "parent project", is losing its host, so for historical
reference we need to mirror it before it disappears. we've actually been
asked by the fresco maintainers to do this, and given the amount of code
we inherited from them it seems appropriate. 

so, obviously this is a large shopping list, and we're aware that giving
all our developers accounts on master or va and introducing all these
changes would be a little disruptive on debian security and internal
policy. but equally we feel a certain comfort with working on debian
machines, and don't want to just abandon the generous service we've been
getting in favour of a more "feature-packed" host (especially given the
lack of responsiveness we got from, say, linuxcare when we tried hosting
the BTS there) so any sort of recommendations on what to do / where to go
would be appreciated. 

-graydon <graydon@pobox.com>

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