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Re: Resolution 1999-08-03.nl: Guidelines for Equipment and Service Donations

Aah, yes, that was it: since this is donated equipment, technically we can 
do with it what we want (this is why a 'donation' is defined in teh second 
paragraph!).  Ean was adamant about this point however: If you use a 
donation for something other than its intended purpose, you risk upsetting 
the donor, hence as a courtesy we should inform them of what we are going to 
do with it.  This off course is easier to apply for equipment than for 

The issue with services is the following is more difficult, as they can not 
be 'given' as easily.

  If SPI (or the project that the service is donated to, if applicable) 
wishes to change the usage of the service, or use the service in a manner 
contrary to that initially specified, they must obtain permission from the 
service donor in advance.

Short, sweet, and simple.

Joey- does that work for you? IMO the timeframe is meaningless if worded 
like this, so it's easier to cut it out.


In message <Pine.LNX.4.10.9908050913040.5051-100000@opensource.captech.com>, 
ristoph Lameter writes:
>It is best if the donor has to give complete control over what happens to
>the equipment. At least if ownership the equipment is transferred to SPI.
>Loaners could be different.
>SPI can of course use it for something different if this is made clear
>beforehand as a condition of donating the service.
>On Wed, 4 Aug 1999, Martin Schulze wrote:
>> Err, SPI cannot use the service for something different than said before,
>> not even if we inform the donor 15 days in advance.
>> I cannot approve this.
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