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Re: Changes for the Bylaws

On Fri, Jul 23, 1999 at 09:54:23AM +0200, Nils Lohner wrote:
> That's what I meant by chairman... the person presiding over the meeting.  I 
> guess that can be confusing though... maybe 'secretary of the organization 
> or chairman of the meeting' ??
That's kinda what I though... new words sound better...

> I would have thought that when releasing the results you just don't list the 
> votes (like for the debian logo).  Maybe we should add something to allow 
> for electronic voting then... I don't see us sending out real ballots 
> anytime soon :)
> " At all meetings, except for the election of officers and directors, all 
> votes shall be viva voce, or electronically cast except that for election of 
> officers ballots shall be provided and there shall not appear any place on 
> such ballot any mark or marking that might tend to indicate the person who 
> cast such ballot.  If the ballots for the election of officers are cast 
> electronically, then the names of the people submitting ballots shall not be 
> used for any purpose, and shall not appear in the results of the voting."
All votes shall be viva voce or electronically cast in a manner provided
for by the Secretary.  Votes and tallies are not revealed during voting
but votes cast are listed after the election is over.  The ballots for the
election of officers are kept secret even after the vote is over.

> Howzzat?
I was thinking something more like that...

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