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Re: Bylaws Revision: VOTING[4]

On Fri, May 28, 1999 at 02:33:02PM -0500, Lynn Winebarger wrote:
> > > SPI is a nonprofit and thus the term stockholders does not
> > > apply and might give a wrong impression.
> > What term would you use to convey the method of voting that SPI is trying
> > to achieve?
>     I thought the cooperative and its members model was pretty apt.
I do, too, personally.  I was wondering if he had a better one, though.

> > Debian voter turn out for elections seems to be around 22-28% unless it's a
> > major election.  For example, the leader election was about 50% (give or
> > take).  Since the board is supposed to do most of the grunt work, if it's
> > not of the same caliber of interest, more discussion needs to go into it or
> > the propsal needs to be reconsidered.
> > 
>    Interesting - what are the requirements for a Debian voting membership?
> Here it seems the voting will be limited to contributing members, who may
> (or may not) have a higher interest in participating.  And the model here
> seems like it will be more like the committees do a good deal of the grunt
> work.
Basicly, be an accepted Developer.. ie, be working on some part of Debian.
Right, so I questions the need to lower the quorum figures.  I like where
they're at or I'd even raise them in the case of BOD

> Lynn
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