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Re: [part 2] Article 3: Membership

In message <19990325012521.D12001@debian.org>, Joseph Carter writes:

>> - becoming a contributing member
>>    The applicant must apply for a contributing membership and include a 
>> list of projects or free software related activities that they have 
>> participated in (including what they have done) within the last two 
>> (more may be included if desired).  This will be reviewed by the 
>> membership committee.
>> [should we define more tangible criteria here (or in the membership 
>> committee charter) or leave it a little open ended?  how significant a 
>> contribution should it be (point from iwj email)??]
>I'm really more interested in who decides what is "significant" if we
>leave it open ended.  I think perhaps reference to another document might
>be good here as well--not so much because of the chance of revision but
>because of the likelyhood this will be read over the Internet on a web
>page and if we are going to have hyperlinks we may as well use them in a
>way which is going to promote readability of the finished product.

That should be defined in the membership committee charter.

>> - term of membership
>> - renewal of membership
>I think this is a good idea, actually.  Do you think two years is a good
>time length or is one year a better time frame?  Either one is fine with

Two years.  One year rolls around too soon, and I also think that there's 
the potential for someone to take time off from free software work 
(work/personal issues etc.) so I think 2 years is just right.  Keeps the 
workload down on the membership committee too.  Remember- they're 


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