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Re: Apple claims "Open Source" trademark

>>>>> "Russell" == Russell Brady <brady2@apple.com> writes:

    Tor> Like it or not, but now may be neccessary to come up with
    Tor> some of the documents regarding the trademark, how it was
    Tor> handled initially etc.  Not only for Eric "Shoot Bill, get
    Tor> famous" Raymond, but in actual legal confronation with Apple.

    Russell> Please note the press release now has the correct
    Russell> trademark information.  Sorry about the confusion.

    Russell> http://www.apple.com/pr/library/1999/mar/16opensource.html

Thanks for pointing this out - that is a good relief.

The trademark is still subject of a dispute between SPI (which had it
registered), and OSI (which claims to have obtained it from SPI).
Eric Raymond is the president/primadonna of OSI.  The one person who
may have the most influence in dealing with this trademark legally is
Bruce Perens, who has publicly pointed out a couple of (minor)
problems with the ASPL.

As that may be, thanks for your clarification.


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