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[PATCH 0/3] nbd-trplay,nbd-trdump updates


Rediffed against current git head from github, i.e. with the
cwrap changes.

Patch 1: Spelling & formatting corrections for proto.md

Patch 2: The discussed printf update, and a correction
         of an incorrect printf.

Patch 3: Test case for nbd-trplay.

The test works as intended from Fedora rpmbuild:
If I modify one of the md5sum values, the build fails.

@Wouter: Any further ideas?

I have not modified the "integrity read" output yet.
>   ("%d: Integrity %s test complete. Took %.3f seconds to complete, %.3f%sib/s",
>          (int)getpid(), (testflags & TEST_WRITE) ? "write" : "read",

Unless I misread the code, the testflags parameter has no impact on the
integrity test.
If you want, I can update the text (remove write/read, perhaps add the
file name instead)


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