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Re: AW: [PATCH 2/2] nbd-trplay: Add test case


sorry for the noise:
(You shall not read mails using Outlook)

On 3/8/22 08:00, Spraul Manfred (XC/QMM21-CT) wrote:

Replying to myself:
diff --git a/tests/run/Makefile.am b/tests/run/Makefile.am index f41eb8d..4c2f635 100644
--- a/tests/run/Makefile.am
+++ b/tests/run/Makefile.am
@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ else
-TESTS = cfg1 cfgmulti cfgnew cfgsize write flush integrity dirconfig list inetd \
+TESTS = cfg1 cfgmulti cfgnew cfgsize write flush integrity replay
+dirconfig list inetd \
  	rowrite tree rotree unix integrityhuge handshake tls tlswrongcert tlshuge  XFAIL_TESTS=@RUN_XFAIL@  check_PROGRAMS = nbd-tester-client @@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ nbd_tester_client_CFLAGS += @GnuTLS_CFLAGS@  nbd_tester_client_LDADD += @GnuTLS_LIBS@  endif  CLEANFILES = buffer.c crypto-gnutls.c cliserv.c -EXTRA_DIST = integrity-test.tr integrityhuge-test.tr simple_test certs/client-key.pem certs/client-cert.pem certs/server-cert.pem certs/ca-cert.pem certs/ca.info certs/client.info certs/server-key.pem certs/ca-key.pem certs/server.info certs/README.md certs/selfsigned-cert.pem certs/selfsigned-key.pem
+EXTRA_DIST = integrity-test.tr integrityhuge-test.tr replay-test.tr
+simple_test certs/client-key.pem certs/client-cert.pem
+certs/server-cert.pem certs/ca-cert.pem certs/ca.info certs/client.info
+certs/server-key.pem certs/ca-key.pem certs/server.info certs/README.md
+certs/selfsigned-cert.pem certs/selfsigned-key.pem
This can't be correct. I wanted to add replay-test.tr to a line, not add 5 new lines :-(

The tests work as expected.

(tested by modifying the nbd source rpm and then rebuilding it. With an incorrect md5sum, the build then fails)


1987: Requests: 0
** Message: 18:09:07.336: 11987: Throughput write test (without flushes) complete. Took 0.164 seconds to complete, 24.336Mib/s
PASS: write
12009: Requests: 0
** Message: 18:09:17.539: 12009: Throughput write test (with flushes) complete. Took 0.160 seconds to complete, 24.966Mib/s
PASS: flush
12032: Seq 00068992 Queued: 00000000 Inflight: 00000000 Done: 00068990
** Message: 18:09:30.268: 12032: Integrity read test complete. Took 2.688 seconds to complete, 115.337Mib/s
PASS: integrity
12055: Seq 00000004 Queued: 00000000 Inflight: 00000000 Done: 00000002
** Message: 18:09:40.318: 12055: Integrity read test complete. Took 0.001 seconds to complete, 5.836Mib/s
PASS: replay
12097: Requests: 0
** Message: 18:09:50.723: 12097: Throughput read test (without flushes) complete. Took 0.209 seconds to complete, 19.097Mib/s
PASS: dirconfig


The only odd line is "Integrity read test".
If I see it right, the option "w" (TEST_WRITE) has no impact for the integrity test. Thus all integrity tests are reported as "read" tests - even though something is written.



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