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NBD 3.20 released


I just released NBD 3.20 to the usual place.

This is a maintenance release, with few changes, though there are a few
user-visible ones.

The changes since NBD 3.19 include:

New features:
- Handling of NBD_CMD_TRIM on block devices with the BLKDISCARD ioctl(),
  rather than only on files.

Bugs fixed:
- Allow the -g option to nbd-client to also be used when netlink is in
- Fix for a segfault in nbd-server related to free() of an uninitialized
  pointer and AF_UNIX handling.
- Fix in SIGHUP handling should prevent disconnects of unrelated exports
  on reconfiguration; Thanks, Juha Erkkilä.
- Fixes for various minor and unlikely issues caught by Coverity (some
  in nbd-server, some in the test suite).


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