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Re: modprobe nbd question

Hi Stefano,

On Wed, Feb 21, 2018 at 11:24:41AM +0000, Stefano Panella wrote:
> Hi Wouter,
> thanks a lot for your answer!
> I would really like to try out the netlink interface, what do I need? Can I
> apply some patches? How can I use it instead of nbd-client? Or maybe the
> patches you have mentioned are to nbd-client and the kernel part is already
> there?

Some patches need to be applied to nbd-client. There is some in-progress
work on git HEAD, but it's not definite (I want to change some of the
defaults), and I need to find some time to finish that up and release
it. Hopefully soon.

Meanwhile, it should work for "try out" purposes (sortof), but no

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