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[Nbd] doc/proto.txt partial rewrite

Hi folks,

proto.txt was getting a bit messy, with it repeating itself a few times
(sometimes even contradicting itself) and little structure in general.

I've tried to fix that. You can see the list of changes (20 of them) on

Note that while there are 20 commits, and that while I tried to create
them so that every commit makes sense and is self-contained, I actually
only did so after I'd pretty much done the whole thing. This was because
at that point I noticed that it would be better to chop things up into
small commits, so that it could be more easily reviewed; especially as
it's pretty much become a de facto standards document, I'd hate to
introduce errors by lack of paying attention.

As such, I would obviously love it if someone could make some time and
review the changes that I've done.


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