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Re: [Nbd] 3.12 BUG() on ext4, kernel crash on nbd-client when nbd server rebooting

On Monday, November 18, 2013, Wouter Verhelst wrote:
Op 18-11-13 23:17, Paul Clements schreef:
> Right, some rearrangement of the ioctls would be required too...we'd
> probably want alternate versions of SET_SOCK and DO_IT that are
> re-entrant (right now those will error on an already-configured device,
> and they're doing some setup and teardown that is unneeded in the
> reconnect case).

Since all this is a significant departure of the current API, I suppose
it would be good if there would be a way for the client to detect what
the currently-running kernel supports, without having to resort to
things like calling 'uname -r' (or equivalent in C code) or extensive
error handling based on "that ioctl isn't supported, so let's fall back
to previous API versions."

Anything specific that would make it easier from your perspective?  One thought is to have SET_FLAGS fail when an unknown flag is passed. Or say a get_capabilities() type call?

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