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[Nbd] nbd-client can't connect to named export from initramfs

I'm experiencing an odd nbd-client problem, I can't connect to a named
export from inside an initramfs.

On the server runs nbd-server (3.0) as a service, the
/etc/nbd-server/config is as follows:
exportname = /opt/ltsp-images/ltsp-dev-i686.img
virtstyle = none

The client initramfs contains an nbd-client from a nbd-3.0 install. It
uses the 3.0.6 kernel (x86). The command it uses is:
nbd-client -N ltsp /dev/nbd0

When it tries to connect, something fails in the negotiation:
nbd: registrered device at major 43
Negotiation: ..size= 4229768MBError: Exported device is too big for
me. Get 64-bit machine :-(

When I boot the client normally, I can do the same command, and
connect to the image without problems.

Also, when I run an export from the commandline like:
nbd-server 2000 /opt/ltsp-images/ltsp-dev-i686.img

The connection works, the following command was used:
nbd-client 2000 /dev/nbd0

Is this an NBD problem, or an initramfs problem?

regards, Wim

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