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Re: [Nbd] protocol?

> > Is there any documentation describing the protocol available?
> <http://grep.be/blog/en/computer/nbd/ethereal_wanted>
> The dissector has in the mean time been written, but that blog page
> contains the most detailed description of the protocol that I ever
> wrote; perhaps I should adapt this for nbd.sourceforge.net.
> Note that there has been a minor change to the protocol in the mean
> time; it currently uses two bits in the 128bytes of zeroes in the
> handshake to signal readonly-ness of the export to the client.


So it hasn't changed since my windows-implementation of the server-part.

Noticed something odd: if I create an ext2 filesystem on an 10010624
bytes file, then mount it, then do echo bli > mountpoint/bli ; echo 
test > mountpoint/test, then umount and fsck -f on that /dev/ndb0-file,
I get frequently an unattached inode error.
Both with your nbd-server as well as my own (simple) implementation.
I use your nbd-client.

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