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Re: [Nbd] Patches to fix a coredump and improve error reporting

Wouter Verhelst wrote:

No. That will change documented behaviour: user/group are currently
defined as "the user or group nbd-server will change to after opening
ports, but before opening files". For reference, opening ports is done
in setup_serve, and and opening files as part of serveloop.
Ok, actually that could be easily fixed in the next patch.
That plus the fact that you've prepared this patch against 2.9.6 whereas
I'm working on 2.9.8 in subversion ATM probably also means your next
patch will probably need to be slightly modified, which I'm not going to
do at 2:15 AM. I'll do so tomorrow -- unless you beat me to it ;-)
I can't do it right now (I'm too tired and likely to make a mistake) but I'll do it first thing tomorrow against the subversion version if you don't beat me to it :).



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